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Miky Clayman


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Miky Clayman has come a long way in the wonderful world of art.

Miky Clayman Art

Miky Clayman was born in South Korea and moved to the United States in 2000. She considers herself a late bloomer in her artistic expression although she always had a passion for the visual arts and interior design. Painting has transformed her into a deeper world and  has stimulated immense personal spiritual growth.


Miky has always been surrounded by close friends and relatives who are innovative artists. This intimacy with art has been a major motivating factor in her life, and is expressed in her paintings and photography. Miky's graduate degree was in the hotel and tourism business industry , and after graduating she owned a successful salon and possessed multiple licenses in the beauty industry. She believes that these experiences slowly opened her eyes to the  beautiful and expressive world of color. Traveling and exploring art with her husband  also allowed Miky to see and feel things differently. Through this study and photography, Miky became inspired and began to feel connected by expressing her emotions through her painting. In this way, Miky found herself.


Mixing and expressing with colors allows Miky to create a different world. She believes there is art in everyone, but you have to believe in yourself and find yourself. Who and how you currently see yourself is not as important as how you visualize yourself in the future.


Miky’s artistic  journey began in an instant and is inspiring to so many. On a trip with her husband several years ago, she visited a  delightful farmers market in California.  She viewed dried plum tree limbs dropping down from the ceiling , ruminating on how they were like drips of water emitting light. Miky captured that moment in her mind, but she couldn’t stop thinking of the dried plum limbs  trailing from the ceiling. She was energized to draw and paint this vision captured in her mind. She felt like there was someone inside of her trying to break out. To her surprise, she painted exactly what this inner part of her was expressing. She was shocked that she made exactly what she had envisioned. Since that time, she has lived to paint  and her life has been changed forever. 


Miky resides in Tampa, Florida, is married, and has three children, Beau(25), Ellie(18), and Chase(10). 

Miky Clayman
Miky Clayman

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